Liz Braden

Liz Braden

Liz Braden is the weekend meteorologist for Fort Wayne's NBC. When she's not forecasting the weather, you can catch her reporting on our morning show, Fort Wayne's NBC Today.

Liz was raised across the state in northwest Indiana, affectionately known as "The Region." She never intended on entering the meteorology field, but fell in love with the science of weather after taking a geography class at Ball State University. She later went on two cross-country storm chasing trips, which confirmed her passion. In the summer of 2019, Liz saw 10 tornadoes while storm chasing in the Plains.

Liz received a Bachelor's degree in Meteorology & Climatology from Ball State University in December 2019.

Prior to arriving in Fort Wayne, Liz most recently spent some time at Fort Wayne's NBC's sister station--WAOW--in Wausau, Wisconsin as a meteorologist.

When she's not delivering the forecast or breaking down the science of weather, she enjoys map-making, hiking, fishing, and being outdoors. She also loves making trips to schools to teach kids about weather and science--feel free to reach her at if you'd like her to visit your school!

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