In the Spotlight with Terra Brantley (Falling for Art, Artists’ Studio Tour)

Updated: Oct. 13, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - The third annual Falling for Art, Artists’ Studio Tour is nearly here — and the city-wide event is ‘in the spotlight’ this week. Ceramicist and painter Joe Pelka and his wife Kathleen created the immersive tour. Their goal was to connect locals with local artists, giving people an opportunity to watch how their art is made. “I think the idea that people can see work in action, work being made, work half-way made, work completed, and the artist completing the work,” Pelka described, “I think its really unusual for them to see that.”

This year, 17 artists are participating, across many diverse types of mediums. Emily Simpson and Greg Duncan are two of them — creating two distinct styles of glass work for their business Sol Eye Glass. “Glass fusing is very much like quilting. You have flat sheet glass, you cut it up, you make new designs,” Simpson explained. “I’m headed in the new direction of kiln casting, which are thick pieces made in molds.”

Duncan’s work however, is with minuscule, detailed jewelry, marbles, and other structural pieces. “We sell a lot of earrings in the farmer’s market. They’re priced right to sell. People like them,” he said. “I’m also making marbles and made some little plants and pots, and I’m going to try to get back to making dragon flies.” Visitors can watch Duncan and Simpson work, sharing their step by step process in their home studio during the tour.

Participating artists and their locations include:

#1. Fred & Rhonda Inman, I-Wood Artist 9695 N County Line Road, Churubusco, 46723

#2. Joseph Pelka, Art Pottery and Acrylic Paintings 14529 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, 46818

#3. Drece L. Guy, Drece L. Designs 9413 Chapmans Blvd., Fort Wayne, 46835

#4. Andrea Bojrab, Andrea Bojrab Fine Art 6720 Kirkdale Dr., Fort Wayne, 46815

#5. Dani Kiefer, Dani Kiefer Art 9965 Parent Rd., New Haven, 46774

#6. John C. Kelty, Watercolors 1514 St. Joseph Blvd., Fort Wayne, 46805

#7. Paul Raiman, Pere Photography 1514 St. Joseph Blvd., Fort Wayne, 46805

#8. Teri Marquart, Functional Fine Art 1514 St. Joseph Blvd., Fort Wayne, 46805

#9. Maeve Asano, Art of Maeve 1514 St. Joseph Blvd., Fort Wayne, 46805

#10. Jake Patten, Jake Art and Becky Johnson, Becky Johnson Art 924 W. Berry St., Fort Wayne, 46802

#11. Alexandra Hall, Art by Alexandra Hall @Jeffrey Benjamin Hair 116 W. Columbia St., Fort Wayne, 46802

#12. Terry Ratliff, Expressions on Canvas 1124 Broadway, Fort Wayne, 46802

#13. Hilarie Couture, H. Couture Arts 215 W. Creighton Ave., Fort Wayne, 46807

#14. Emily Simpson and Greg Duncan, Sol Eye Glass 9609 Spurwood Ct., Fort Wayne, 46804

Locations of participating artists
Locations of participating artists(Daniel Beals)

The 2022 Falling for Art, Artists’ Studio Tour is self-guided, and takes place on October 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on October 16 from Noon until 5 p.m. Complete information on the event can be found here.