Huntington County Humane Society caring for 3 malnourished dogs

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 3:39 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - The Huntington County Humane Society needs your help trying to find who’s responsible for three emaciated dogs, who were brought to the shelter.

Each of them have been taken in separately over the last few weeks. If you walk into the Huntington County Humane Society, you’ll see that it’s a busy place. Animals fill the cages. Each of them with a story.

“The end result is that we can fix them with love and care and food,” Huntington County Humane Society Director Ashley Cox said. “We can help them get better and go to a new home.”

Cox says in just the past few weeks, three emaciated dogs have been brought in. She says it’s a lengthy process to nurse them back to health.

“You have to feed them very slowly because you can actually kill a dog,” Cox said. “Then we have to do weekly blood work parasitic checks.”

Officials say while it is great to see these animals make a recovery, they say it’s important to try to prevent this from happening in the first place. They say if you see something say something, you need to say something to hopefully prevent dogs from ending up here because of emaciation.

“Contact us immediately, either directly through the shelter phone or by dispatch,” Cox said.

Ashley says there are also stories of hope, like Charlie, who at one point was malnourished. Now, he has a loving home with one of the shelter’s board members.

“It’s phenomenal and he visits once a week,” Cox said. “It’s great, I know you can’t save them all but we try.”

As staff members continue to care for these dogs, they’re angry at whoever is responsible for these animals being treated so poorly.

“I’m sure they’re getting their three meals a day, and then you leave your animals to starve in those conditions with no medical care,” Cox said. “We’ll eventually find you and these animals will go to a loving home.”

Cox say these dogs won’t be up for adoption for several months until they’re recovered. She says if you do want to adopt, you need to be ready with veterinary references to make sure that you’re fit to be an animal owner.

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