“Quite a mess” in Williams County, hundreds left without power

Fire chief says it could be as late as Saturday until power is restored
Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 5:03 AM EDT
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EDGERTON, Ohio (WPTA) - Edgerton’s Fire Chief confirms that hundreds are without electricity after power lines went down and a train drove through the area, making matters worse Monday night.

Officials say high winds and rain contributed to the incident. The city’s mayor, Robert Day, has spent the morning updating residents about the outage on Facebook. In a post, he said it appeared lightning struck the poles down, and the train came along and dragged the lines. However, the fire chief says crews are not sure what exactly first caused the power lines to go down. They say no one was hurt in the incident.

In a second post a couple of hours later, the mayor called the situation “quite a mess” and asked people driving in the area to be cautious as standing water can be found in several places. The fire chief said it could be as late as Saturday until power is restored to everyone in the area. Day said the 16 damaged poles are all Toledo Edison’s property and they are in process of getting them replaced. Day offered residents without power a place to stay at the city’s town hall.

“We are working on firing up our village generator to give us temporary power to residents and key commercial businesses (nursing home, grocery store, gas stations..) to get us through,” Day said in a Facebook post. “Toledo Edison’s timeline is not completely known at this time but the damage would say it will be a day or two to be completely repaired... if/when ‘limited’ power is provided please be wise in your electrical usage... 2000 people working together can overcome anything!.... thank you!”

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