Falcon chick saved by volunteers after falling out of nest atop I&M building

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 4:38 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Volunteers with Soarin’ Hawk Rehabilitation were able to save a baby peregrine falcon who was inches away from the edge of Fort Wayne’s tallest building over the weekend.

One eagle-eyed viewer says she was watching the Falcon Cam, which offers a live view of the falcon’s nest from atop the I&M building. The two falcon chicks who are typically seen in the live feed aren’t able to fly yet, so she knew something was wrong when she only spotted one of the birds.

Crews with Soarin’ Hawk gained access into the I&M building and found the chick, named Nova, stuck on the ground, inches away from the edge of the 26-story tower. Volunteers dodged the protective parents’ swipes and squawks and were able to place Nova back in the nest safe and sound with her sister Kiri.

“One of the nets was used to take care of the baby. And the other net was used to keep us from being hit by peregrines. So the peregrines are very defensive and they had a lot to talk about,” Bob Walton of Soarin’ Hawk said. “A lot of peregrine swear words used. One of them hit John on the shoulder one time. And I got hit in the head one time. Just a little tap, just to say, ‘hey, don’t come back here for a while’.”

Walton says he expects that in a week or so, the chicks will be strong enough to explore the roof freely, without danger of falling.

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