In Ohio, red hot Senate race closely watched as voters head to the polls

Polls are open on Election Day in Northwest Ohio
Polls are open on Election Day in Northwest Ohio
Published: May. 3, 2022 at 10:38 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Polls in Ohio opened Tuesday morning as primary election 2022 reached it final hours.

A lot of eyes not only in Ohio but nationwide will be on the hotly contested US Senate Republican primary.

All that talk of the senate race has dwarfed things like two gubernatorial primaries or even some local or school races near you. Tuesday the Senate primary comes to an end but there’s plenty of space for any of the candidates to win.

The Republican fight to get Senator Rob Portman’s seat has been a nasty one so far. Medium Buying, a marketing research company, estimates $66 million have already been spent on advertising. With all that some estimates say there is still 20%-30% percent of polled voters are undecided.

“People would be breaking now. They’d be making up their minds. Maybe it’s a product of there being so many candidates, it’s hard to choose. It might also be the product of there being a lot of negative advertising in this primary, so everybody is getting beat up which may just depress enthusiasm for all of them as a group,” said Sam Nelson, Ph.D. of the University of Toledo.

That’s why for Dr. Nelson this Senate race in particular is a rare one. Tuesday’s election is still up for grabs. There are front runners but also plenty of voters to be had.

“Anytime there are more people undecided than any other candidate has already in the bag, I think that anything can happen,” said Dr. Nelson.

Turnout for this and most primaries are expected to be low. That might be in part why so many of the candidates sought the party’s biggest star endorsement, former President Donald Trump. Only one candidate got it, that was JD Vance. Each candidate looking for an edge in this race.

“There’s not a lot of other stuff on the ballot that is attracting a lot of attention. Primaries are always lower turnout anyway,” said Dr. Nelson.

We wait to see what those undecided voters do. Do they stay home or make their minds up in the next 12 hours? That will go a long way toward determining a winner.

If you’re unsure where to cast your vote, click here for the polling sites statewide.

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