Decatur City Council unanimously votes to keep ordinance banning slaughterhouses in city limits

Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 11:51 PM EDT
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DECATUR, Ind. (WPTA) - City council members voted unanimously Tuesday to not change an ordinance banning slaughterhouses, which means that one won’t be coming to the city for now.

This has been the talk of Decatur now for a couple weeks. In fact, so many people had strong feelings that not all of them could fit into the room where the meeting happened.

More than 100 showed up to the meeting. Many of them held signs saying they’re against this slaughterhouse mainly because of its location at the old Deans plant on Chamber Drive. They believe it should go outside city limits away from neighborhoods. They were worried that it would bring a bad smell and be too loud.

However, developers say that’s not true and that people living and working nearby would not deal with those consequences. Those in favor of the slaughterhouse also say it would’ve brought more jobs to the city.

In the end, council voted unanimously against changing that ordinance. So for now, the slaughterhouse will not be coming to Decatur.

“Been a rough couple weeks,” Mayor Dan Rickord said. “It was a tough question asked of our council. We all love investment in our communities, This company wanted to invest a great deal of money into our community.”

For those against it, they’re happy that city council decided to hold off on changing it to give it more thought.

”It’s a big relief for the 380 people we represent,” Formula Boats Marketing Manager Jean Porter-Brune said. “Our team who have a wonderful working environment. Now we know we can keep our west doors open and have the wonderful spring, summer, fall breezes blow in.”

Mayor Rickord says he understands this was a tense debate, but he told the crowd he’s disappointed with how some people handled it. Some member city council said the same thing.

One thing that was asked during the meeting is “Could this issue come up again?” The short answer from members of council and the mayor is “Yes.”

Those against it told they’ll celebrate this victory, but they’re prepared to make their voices heard again in the future.

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