TRAA Update: How can FWFD help TRAA?

TRAA Update
Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 6:38 PM EST
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - As TRAA officials have repeatedly blamed a paramedic shortage for the issues, but have largely failed to mitigate the effects.

TRAA’s service provider had been falling short of complying with the mandate that ambulances must be on the scene of all potential life-threatening emergencies within 8 minutes and 30 seconds 90% of the time or face fines.

Data shows there were over 1,200 “TRAA Level Zero” calls from July 2020 to mid October 2021.

“Some of our firefighters that carry the paramedic certification or the advanced EMT certification also work part time for trauma. Those opportunities are always available to them even now that TRAA has started operating basic life-saving ambulances, mauve are firefighters are eligible for those part-time opportunities.” says TRAA board member, Chief Eric Lahey.

He continued with, “Now the ordinances cells prevent the Fort Wayne Fire Department from taking an active role in the transportation of TRAA patients to emergency scene to the hospital, but we are a partner with the three rivers ambulance authority and we will continue to work with them. Hopefully help them find solutions. As a member of a TRAA board as well, I’m dedicated to finding the solutions and resolutions to that issue that they are experiencing with their staffing. "

One of the ideas from TRAA’s executive director announced an “Earn as you Learn” emergency medical technician recruitment program last year hoping it can help with staffing shortages.

In February or March of this year, TRAA is hopeful that the program will see between 20 and 25 students per class.

Chief Lahey says, “I think everything that he’s implementing today is moving try in the right direction so we’re going to continue to encourage him and help him in anyway that we can to continue that momentum moving in the right direction.”

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