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Indiana governor says he is "open minded" about medical marijuana in radio show

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Ind. (WPTA 21) -

During a radio talk show Thursday, Governor Eric Holcomb says while he is open-minded about marijuana, federal laws make it doesn't make sense to legalize on the local level.

Governor Holcomb appeared on the Hammer and Nigel Show on WIBC Thursday to discuss the Next Level Connections Project. Near the end of the segment, he was asked about where he is open-minded on the subject. However, it is not on his agenda for 2019.

"With patients who are undergoing chemotherapy etc., where this might be helpful, I'm open-minded about it," Holcomb told WIBC. "I want to make sure, though, that it is not done in a hodgepodge fashion.

Holcomb explained that currently, the Department of Justice says it is a crime to grow marijuana. He also said banks can't accept the revenue made from marijuana production. This makes it a security risk to those in it that have to deal in cash. Holcomb is asking the federal government for clarification on medical marijuana. 

"We need proper approval. We shouldn't be just one-offing and saying we will just look the other way on this front," Holcomb told WIBC.

While it is not on the governor's agenda for next year, it is on the mind of several lawmakers discussing bringing medical marijuana up to write bills. Under House Resolution 2, the Indiana House urged the legislative council to assign the topic of medical marijuana to the interim study committee on public health, behavioral health, and human services during the 2018 interim.

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