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Local woman may be Three Rivers Festival's biggest fan

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) - "We've been going year after year, we just love it. That's all there is to it. We like Three Rivers Festival," Marty Cade.

Three Rivers Festival time is just around the corner, and these folks are ready!

Theirs, is a story, nearly 50 years in the making.

This Grandma from the Fort, has been attending the parade for years, taping down blankets in their regular spot, and even sleeping on the sidewalk keep it!

The Cade family loves TRF, and we sat down with them to hear their story.

"It's Three Rivers Festival time. Bring lots of coffee and donuts, cause I gotta get awake," it's a song the Cade family sings every year. 

"I started going to the parade when it was down Calhoun at Lincoln Life," said Marty Cade.

That was nearly 50 years ago, taking a trip down memory lane, looking at picture, after picture, after picture.

Marty Cade, better known as Maw-Maw has been attending the Three Rivers Festival parade since she can remember, saying, "Some of these buttons go back to '77."

Though her memory, a little foggy, "I got a picture of it somewhere, though I don't know where."

It's the times spent with family that Marty's daughter says, "I always thought it was so cool to sleep on the sidewalk on all the blankets after we had run around all night long."

Looking at photographs, laughing, and thinking back to that one time of year that everything seems perfect, and the kid at heart gets to come out.

It's something the Cade family has done through generations sharing their favorite memories.

Marty saying,"One time she stood in the middle of Calhoun street, you know those cones to block traffic. She had it up like this singing a song."

"Me and the twins used to always love climbing the court house, we used to always get in trouble for doing that," said another one of Marty's daughters.

Every year at 3:00 in the morning they go down to Calhoun street to tape blankets to save their spots, Marty remembering one time she overslept.

"One time my alarm didn't go off, they were having a fit. they said get up get up get up we're going to lose our spot."

Saving spots, something the family says is a job not taken lightly.

One daughter saying, "It's a job, that is your job, you are putting the blankets down and you are guarding that spot all night."

So this Saturday, right on Calhoun, staking out their location hours in advance like always will be the Cade family.

This year's Three Rivers Festival parade begins at 10 Saturday morning.

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