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Community members outraged after Fort Wayne dog gets euthanized by Tennessee shelter

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) - Justice for Jax.

It's a rally cry you've probably seen on social media after a German Shepherd mix from Fort Wayne was euthanized by a Tennessee shelter.

It all began with a phone call from Rutherford County Paws in Tennessee saying Jax, who was originally adopted from the Allen County SPCA, was at their shelter. 

"They contacted us and asked us if we'd like our dog back and we stated that we would want our dog back and we'd make arrangements to retrieve him." Jessica Henry from the Allen County SPCA said. 

Volunteers were ready to bring Jax home.

But Jessica Henry at the SPCA says all of a sudden the Tennessee shelter stopped picking up the phone.

That's when Liz Schatzlein, who lives in Tennessee, decided to help. 

"I started calling the Rutherford County Paws to try and get through to somebody and I finally did," said Schatzlein. "And I said I want to know what happened to this dog."

But she says the shelter wouldn't give her any information, so she filed a public records request.

"That's when we found out Jax had indeed been euthanized. They told me that Jax was a very aggressive dog and wasn't available for adoption."

A very different story from Jax's former foster family.

Suzanne Serres says she fostered Jax for nearly two months.

She says the dog didn't have a vicious bone in his body.

"He was an amazing dog through and through. Playful, fun, friendly.. just great."

"This is just not what shelters do," said Jessica Henry. "We work together to save animals lives, we don't destroy animals for no reason." 

ABC21 tried reaching out to the Tennessee shelter several times Wednesday.

We were able to speak with an employee after hours who said she didn't know about the case, but said she would tell officials with the shelter we'd like to speak with them. 

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