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Complaints from tenants in Astoria Apartments are mounting

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

Tenants in one south Fort Wayne apartment complex are angry, and they are sounding off.

Those tenants in Astoria Apartments on East Paulding Road say they are tired of suffering with everything from sewage backups to common maintenance issues that don't get fixed.

Some of the complaints are coming from an unusual source.

Kaneisha Woodson called management to report a sewage backup, but she says more than a day later, when nothing was done, it forced her to take drastic measures. 

"So now I've got to come outside and squat, and use the bathroom outside like an animal, when I pay rent here, that's not right at all," she said.

Woodson complained to the Health Department.

"They came quick to fix it, because I told them probably, but then when they were done fixing it, same day, about an hour later, I had an eviction notice on my door."

A few buildings over, you find four units in close proximity with condemnation orders posted.

There was a fire a few years back, but there are other problems.

The hallway is filthy.

There is an unmistakable smell of sewage, something a family living upstairs knows all too well. 

"Yeah, it smells bad," said a little boy we talked with, because his mother didn't speak English.

One building over, Evelyn Brown showed us stains on the wall of her place, from where leaks let rain water in.

The bathroom is worse for the wear.

The patio door hasn't worked for two years.

And she's afraid she'll get sick from mildew that she has asked to be cleaned up.

"They tell me, oh, we're going to come and do this, you know, nothing is being done, it is getting frustrating," she said.

"The conditions are deplorable in the aspect of they're not investing in their property," said tenant Vanessa Collins, who is moving out.

It might not surprise you to learn that tenants of Astoria Apartments are upset about the living conditions, but would it surprise you that if also on the list of complainers you find the head of maintenance?

"I don't want nobody to be living in these conditions," said Cynthia Cuyler, who says she is quitting, in large part, because she claims there are widespread mold problems that pose a health risk.

"I hope everybody moves out and get their own place, or somebody buys it. Management can't do anything because we're on freeze, so we deal with it as we can," Cuyler said.

We called the management office and left a message, also paid a visit, but no one was there.

Neighborhood Code Compliance and the Allen County Department of Health had personnel on site Tuesday afternoon.

Three health and safety notices were issued, for the remains of raw sewage in a building hallway, and for pests and unclean conditions in one apartment unit.

Management has ten days to address the issues before a follow-up inspection.

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