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"We on a mission" court documents detail events that led up to Easter Sunday homicide

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Court documents detail an FBI wiretap investigation and a witness who provided the transportation and weapon for Allen County's 12th homicide of the year.

ABC21 previously reported 26-year-old Javon Burnett was found shot to death between two apartment buildings in the Summit at Ridgewood Apartments complex. Burnett's mother said he was planning on joining her family for Easter Sunday Service.

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Witnesses ended up coming forward in the case, leading police to the break they needed to develop suspects in the case. One of the witnesses told police they were adjusting a car seat when a black car arrived at the complex and a man walked between the buildings. They saw someone get out of a gray car that was at the complex and follow the man.

The witness heard gunshots and the man that came out of the gray car getting into the trunk of the car before it took off. A cell phone was left by where the car was. Police believe it was dropped by the shooter.

Police analyzed Burnett's phone and found numerous calls between someone that goes by the name of "Lil Josh" and Burnett. A witness told police "Lil Josh" is a name for one of the suspects, Josh Smiley.

Police took the phone dropped by the shooter to detectives of the FBI Safe Street Task Force. They were working a wiretap investigation on Tyrion McNair and the "MAFIA" gang. The court documents state a search warrant helped them confirm the number on the phone matched McNair's phone number.

Court documents state police spoke with another witness, said he had bought McNair a gun in the past because McNair is a felon. Police obtained a search warrant for the witnesses' cell phones. That is when they found an outgoing message at 8:25 the day of the homicide that read "we on a mission."

When asked about the text message, the witness told police he sent it to his girlfriend. He said he knew something was going to go down but did not know McNair was going to kill Burnett. He said Smiley asked him to use his vehicle and McNair asked to use his gun. He told detectives it "few past my mind" that Smiley and McNair were going to kill someone when he gave them his car and gun.

As of the time of this report, Smiley and McNair are wanted on charges of murder and using a firearm in the commission of an offense resulting in death. 

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