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PFW makes the change; Mastodon goes Black and Gold

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Win or lose, fans of the Mastodons will no longer be feeling blue -- or at least, not as blue as in decades past.

Black and gold, with a hint of blue, will take over the fields and arenas as IPFW formally converts to Purdue University Fort Wayne on July 1.

The new Mastodons logo was unveiled Monday afternoon at an event featuring Chancellor Ron Elsenbaumer and Director of Athletics Kelley Hartley Hutton. The updated branding maintains a Mastodon image with a familiar look -- but a new color palate.

The switch away from the long-established IPFW blue and white coincides with other moves to bring the school closer to the Purdue family.

Purdue University (West Lafayette) itself explains on its website the significance of its official colors:

Gold and black are Purdue's colors because of the ageless qualities they possess and the lofty concepts they embody. Long revered for its radiance and treasured for its rarity, gold is also both highly malleable and indestructible. Black, the ultimate color of power, represents the traditional hammer-and-anvil strength of Boilermakers and other talented blacksmiths. While the tools they utilize and the skills they hone have evolved, Boilermakers still stand for success forged by hard work and driven by knowledge. Talent, creativity, power, fortitude. Versatility, durability and enduring value. Boilermakers bleed gold and black because gold and black make Purdue. And what we make moves the world forward.

While the color scheme will be close, PFW will not assume a "Boilermakers" identity.

Fort Wayne's state-supported university assumed the Mastodon representation in part because of a push by the campus Geology Club in 1970 to associate the school with a historic fossil discovery nearby. A committee tasked with choosing a mascot made the decision in favor of the extinct mammal, known fondly as "Tusky."

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