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Arcola Elementary Schools host "duck march"

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Students at Arcola elementary were sitting in the hallway this morning, but we promise it was food a really cute reason.

It was a duck parade. In fact this is the second year the school has done this, and it's the same mother duck as last year. The duck, which the students named "Courtney Waddlesworth" roosted in the school's courtyard again this year, and the kids and the school janitor have kept close tabs on her, even making sure she had fresh water.

Miss Waddlesworth hatched ten little ducklings this year and the students watched today as the proud mama marched through the hallways with her babies in tow. We're told the entire process was a fun learning experience for all the kids.

"Ducks can be really protective and I learned that Courtney is really protective of her ducklings and it's really cool to get to watch that and stuff," Sarah R. a 4th grader at Arcola Elementary said. "I love animals and I enjoyed watching them walk out and I really hope she comes back next year."

The students watched as the mother and her babies were led to a nearby marsh, and they all waved goodbye as the family swam away.

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