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911 call lays out emotional Paulding County homicide scene

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A startling recording of a 911 phone call is offering new insight into a Paulding County, Ohio, murder investigation.

The suspect in that case called dispatchers, describing what happened when his wife's grandson refused to obey his orders to get out of the house.

The dispatcher took the call at the Paulding County Sheriff's office last Thursday. She immediately hears a man, unapologetically claiming he just shot someone inside his house. The shooting happened at Miller's home near Oakwood.

We've transcribed the first part of the 911 recording, showing what Miller and the dispatcher had to say in a chilling exchange.  

Dispatcher: "911".
William Miller: "I just shot a little son of a (expletive) in my house."
Dispatcher: "You did what?"
Miller: "I just shot somebody."
Dispatcher: "You just shot someone?"
Miller: "Yes I did."
Dispatcher: "Where are you at?"
Miller: "15648 Road 1037."
Dispatcher: "Okay, why did you shoot someone?"
Miller: "I told him to get the hell out of my house and he didn't leave."
Dispatcher: "Who is it to you?"
Miller: "What?"
Dispatcher: "Who is he to you?"
Miller: "He's my wife's grandson."
Dispatcher: "Your wife's grandson?"
Miller: "(screaming) I need a damned ambulance."

Throughout the call, you can hear someone crying in the background.

Miller goes on to say he shot 19-year-old Evan Holcombe in the chest with a pistol.

He told the dispatcher that Holcombe had been aggressive towards him, and he repeated that he fired the shot when Holcombe refused to leave his house.

Miller faces one count of murder in the shooting death.

Miller on Monday was scheduled to take part in a video arraignment hearing, but it was postponed because he is currently being housed in a treatment center for mental health reasons.

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