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ABC21 Exclusive: Dash cam video captures Van Wert arrest ending nationwide AMBER ALERT

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Sherise Crumbly knew something was wrong when her son called her to say her two grandchildren were nowhere to be found.

"I'm scared of my daughter," Crumbly told a reporter for WSLS in Roanoke, Virginia. "So I know they (the kids) gotta be nervous or something."

Crumbly's daughter, Camille, now faces felony charges for kidnapping her own two young children and sparking a nationwide AMBER ALERT. 

That AMBER ALERT ended with an arrest in Van Wert, Ohio.

"OK I'm catching up to a white pick-up truck that's got U-Haul on the side," an Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer said into her dispatch scanner around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 30th. "I'm checking to see if it might be Signal 6. Looks like a two-driver."

ABC21 obtained dashboard camera video from that officer's patrol car. The video captures the tail end of a desperate search that began before daybreak at Sherise Crumbly's home in Roanoke.

"At 6:30 in the morning he (my son) called me and says mom where you at," said Sherise. "'I say I'm at work.' He says, 'Mom, I woke up and the kids are gone.'"

Sherise and her son, Jonathan, say her daughter Camille broke into their home and snatched her two young children in their sleep. Camille does not have custody of her children.

"She has bipolar disorder," says her brother, Jonathan. "So when she acts out, she doesn't think rationally. She thinks what she's doing is right."

Police instantly put out an AMBER ALERT and arrest warrants for Camille and her girlfriend, Tineshia Mack.

"Just hold off," responded a dispatcher to the Ohio patrol officer. "Just keep your eyes on it."

Ohio state troopers knew to look out for the white U-Haul pick-up, heading westbound on U.S. 33. Once the officer matched the plates to the truck in front of her, she signaled for the pick-up to pull over.

"The reason I flagged you is I noticed you were weaving back there," says the officer, after walking up to the driver's side window. "I wondered if you were tired or anything. I see these are out-of-state plates."

"Not really," responds Camille Crumbly.

After checking for ID, the officer asks Crumbly to get out of the truck, handcuffs her and places her in the backseat of her patrol car, before explaining the arrest.

"We got a report that you took the kids without permission," says the officer.

"I have custody of my kids," responds Crumbly. "They were at my house."

"Where are you headed to?" asks the officer.

"I'm headed to Elkhart," responds Crumbly. 

"Do you know anybody who would have made the report that they were taken?" asks the officer.

"Well, my Mom probably did," says Crumbly. "But I have custody of my kids."

Crumbly later screams out the window, while officers question her girlfriend, Mack, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

"Those are my babies," screams Crumbly - you can hear her crying in the backseat of the patrol car.

 "I don't want any B.S.," Mack tells officers. "These are my kids. I just wanna take my kids home."

"OK, well I don't want any B.S. either," responds an officer. "You're telling me you're someone else. So do you have any ID on you?"

Officers wind up arresting Mack as well, for lying to police. But the biggest sigh of relief for these quick-thinking officers, could be heard over the police scanner...

"Two small children in the vehicle," confirmed an officer after finding both young children, safe and unharmed, sitting the back seat of the pick-up.

"OK. Great," responded the dispatcher.

Crumbly now faces two counts of parent abduction and two counts of violating a court order.

Mack was held on unrelated charges. 

The children were reunited with their grandmother, who traveled to Ohio to get them.

ABC21 Producer Daniel Beals contributed to this report.

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