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Allen County Sheriff looking to terminate officer

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The Allen County Sheriff is seeking the termination of an officer after multiple reported disciplinary actions.

Sheriff David Gladieux filed the petition in January seeking the termination of Officer Johnny Gerardot. In the petition, the Sheriff says the most recent violation came after a county employee reported being harassed by the officer.

The harassment reportedly happened after the employee broke up with one of Officer Gerardot’s relatives. She reported receiving harassing contacts from both the officer and other family members.

As a part of this harassment, the employee said Officer Gerardot attempted to intimidate her by entering the county office she worked at and later visiting her other workplace.

Officer Gerardot allegedly denied contacting her. However, telephone records obtained by Internal Affairs directly conflicted with this claim and a polygraph indicated deception.

In the petition, the Sheriff said these actions violated the department’s code of conduct. Officer Gerardot was suspended with pay pending a hearing where the Sheriff would seek the officer’s termination.

This is not the first time Officer Gerardot’s faced disciplinary action. The petition states he has a history of unbecoming conduct, insubordination and incompetence spanning two other sheriff’s tenures.

Sheriff Gladieux points out a 2001 discipline from then-Sheriff James Herman. Sheriff Herman reprimanded Officer Gerardot for his conduct of an interview of a child molestation case and for failing to timely respond to calls while on call.

In two cases, one in 2009 and the other in 2014, then-Sheriff Kenneth Fries reprimanded Officer Gerardot.

In 2009, Officer Gerardot was reprimanded for improperly serving court documents by mail instead of in person, falsifying court documents and speeding in non-emergency situations. He was also reprimanded for carelessness, late or incomplete reports and not taking responsibility for his actions.

In 2014, Officer Gerardot was reprimanded for his involvement in a traffic crash.

Officer Gerardot has been an officer in one form or another since 1989 when he was hired as a Civilian Confinement Officer. During his career, he has worked as a police officer, in the communications division, traffic division, criminal investigations division, patrol division and civil division. Most recently, he has served in the warrants division. He was transferred to that post in September of 2009.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Merit Board was set to consider the termination on Friday, March 16. However, Sheriff Gladieux granted a continuance in the hearing and is in the process of rescheduling it.

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