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How local schools are planning to handle Wednesday's nationwide walkout

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A national walkout is planned at schools across the country Wednesday in remembrance of the victims of the Florida school shooting.

Here in Northeast Indiana, some of our local schools have already expressed how they're going to handle the situation. Huntington County Schools released a message to parents saying it will allow students to participate in the nation-wide protest.

Officials say on their Facebook page that they've designated an area on school property for students, and will allow them 17 minutes to join the rally. Several other ways the school is supporting students is a 17 second moment of silence to honor each victim in the Parkland tragedy and provide pledge cards for students to act out 17 acts of kindness.

"The staff at HNHS believes this is a great opportunity to teach students the value of civic duty and responsibility," officials with the school system said in the message.

In Allen County, however, schools warned parents that if their child walks out, they risk being marked truant.

Officials at Southwest Allen County Schools warned students if they walk out any time during the day, they risk being marked truant. In an email to parents, officials say they recognize the significance of the event, but say they cannot encourage students leaving the classroom.

At Northwest Allen County Schools, leaders say that students certainly deserve a voice, but cannot endorse any kind of walkout because of safety. Students who do walk out or don't show up for school will be marked truant.

However, at Northwest Allen County Schools, students will be given opportunities for dialogue about school violence in their classes and will be directed how to contact legislators, in case they want to lobby for law changes to boost school safety.

Officials with Fort Wayne Community Schools have said students who walk out of fail to show up for school will face an unexcused absence. They've encouraged students to work with leaders in their schools to set up rallies or demonstrations inside the building, and use the day and what they stand for as a teaching and learning opportunity.

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