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DIGGING DEEPER UPDATE: Bridal store closes, more brides seek refunds

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   After several brides reached out last month to ABC21, saying they paid for dresses that never arrived, we later confirmed with designers the dresses were never coming. 

   The Bride to Be owner Eve Rosen, admitted on camera she fell behind on payments, causing her to lose designer accounts and apologized to her customers. 

After that report, dozens of brides demanded refunds for their dresses. 

Brides who left with a check in hand can count themselves among the store's luckiest customers. 

Monday, ABC21 learned Rosen has closed up shop for good. 

She even changed her phone number. Now brides say they're afraid she'll skip town, leaving them empty-handed and broke. 

Erika Guzman is one of more than a dozen brides who say they are still waiting for their refunds.
She ordered her dress in January. 
But after our report, she started to worry and went to the store multiple times.
The only problem? 

"I actually have had no luck trying to talk to her," said Guzman. 

We also reached out to Rosen on Facebook and tried calling her cell phone. 

She has yet to respond. 

Alexis Zeedyk payed $1,750 for her dress back in December. 

After our story, she demanded a refund.
She says Rosen refused to pay her back, instead giving her the floor sample dress to take home, right off the rack.

"There was tears in it, so I'm paying for a sample dress that has tears in it, but I knew that I needed to take that dress home because we weren't going to get a refund," said Zeedyk. 

We should note, since our story, more than a dozen brides did walk away with a refund for their dresses.
If you ordered a dress from The Bride to Be, but never got a refund or your dress, call One Fine Day on Coldwater road.
They picked up several designers that dropped Rosen as a client, and can help you re-order a dress or perhaps find out if yours was even ordered. 

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