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Council to consider $500,000 for Posterity Heights project

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

A unique housing development under construction on the southeast side of Fort Wayne could get a big boost in funding.

Work is coming along on the unique Posterity Heights development.

"Interesting enough, it used to be a prisoner of war camp. Now it becomes an opportunity for us to help break out of the prison of poverty," Cedric Walker says.

Walker says phase one of the development is Posterity Scholar House, which will house single parents and low-income families with heads of household who are college students meeting a GPA requirement.
It's a housing market niche that colleges simply can't fill.

"They don't have the services to provide for that single parent who's struggling to stay in school, and so the demand is pretty high according to the universities," Walker says.

Walker says in addition to using vouchers from the Housing Authority, residents of Posterity Scholar House will also use vouchers from Brightpoint for child care, right on the grounds.
That's because the $13 million, 44-unit complex is designed to help remove barriers to people's success.

"We need something moving the socioeconomic vehicle in southeast Fort Wayne. And preparing people to be a part of that process is, we believe, the best investment," Walker says.

A resolution to be introduced at Fort Wayne's city council would direct $500,000 in city income tax revenue to reimburse the developer for infrastructure like sidewalks, a street, and sewer issues.
That money is expected to be recouped over time, though, through a special tax increment financing district created for the project.
Walker says the city strongly believes in transforming the site of the former low-income McMillen apartment complex.

"Before it was just low-income housing. There was no programming, there was no purpose other than just low-income housing. Now it's about people and it's about helping people to become their best person with the Scholar House concept," he says.

Walker says Posterity Heights is such a unique housing venture that people from outside Fort Wayne are already asking about it to be able to relocate here for a fresh start.
The Scholar House is expected to be available for tenants in September, with construction on a community building set to begin this summer.

City council is expected to discuss and vote on the proposal at its meeting next week.

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