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Grandmother of 3-year-old flu victim: 'Get them to the hospital'

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

A Muncie family that decided against vaccinating a 3-year-old says they wish they would have done so.

Alivia Viellieux died at home just days after being diagnosed. Her grandmother, Tameka Stettler, said the family is second-guessing its decision not to vaccinate her.

Stettler said Alivia’s parents declined to give her the flu shot after hearing that the vaccination could be ineffective.

"Alivia did not have it because they had told us once the flu is going around it's not going to matter if you got it or not," Stettler said in an interview with ABC affiliate WRTV on Monday. "We just decided not to put those chemicals and the girls body if it's not gonna help."

"Nothing anybody says or does is going to bring that little girl back to us," she added.

Alivia was admitted to a hospital on Feb. 6 with a fever, but went home two days later. A coroner determined that Alivia developed pneumonia, which acted quickly on her young body, killing her.

She is the second confirmed flu death in Indiana under age 4.

Officials say the current season is the worst the country has seen in nearly a decade.

This year's flu vaccine has, at best, been rated 30 percent effective in preventing the disease, but many health experts and doctors still suggest vaccinations and believe even when the vaccine fails to prevent the disease, it can reduce the toll it takes on an individual.

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