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Cell Phones Away at Garrett High School

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GARRETT, Ind. (WPTA21) -

Students and faculty at Garrett High School went a day without cell phones Monday.

It is all part of Cell Phone Away Day, aiming at reducing distracted learning. The students turned in their phones and won't get them back until after school. So far, things have been interesting for the students.

"I definitely think that it's an eye-opening experience, Libbey Detcher, a Junior at the high school said. "I know this morning I went to text my mom. I went to go check the time and I just didn't have my phone on me. I didn't really realize how much that I just looked at it without really thinking that I am looking at my phone."

"I feel like every single person who turns their phone in today is going to feel like a piece of them is missing," Michelle Janisse a Math teacher at Garrett High School said. "I had one student be like 'I don't know what time it is', well there are clocks everywhere."

Janisse said she does not have an issue with technology in her classroom and that her students will give her attention when she needs it.

"Yes, social media is at their fingertips, but there is a calculator at their fingertips. there is an encyclopedia that weighs three pounds vs all of the big books they used to carry around," Janisse said. The main thing is to teach them to use it responsibly. If they know how to use it, it is just going to help them in the long run. They are allowed to carry it around everywhere else in the world."

One student that did not participate in the event still thought it was an interesting idea.

"I think that it is a pretty interesting experiment for us to do," Kassidy Sliger, a Junior at the high school said. "A lot of kids are addicted to their phones. I am, I know that. If you are not on your phone 24/7 you will wonder what is going on in the real world and not on your phone.

Would you be able to go a day without your cell phone?

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