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Community reacts to new Purdue University Fort Wayne logo

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

Purdue University leaders unveiled Purdue-Fort Wayne's new logo to mixed reviews Thursday.

In six months, signs all over campus will reflect the school's new name. But it only took a few hours for students on social media to react to the new look. 

While the logo was unveiled to applause Thursday there was a very different response on social media. Some people on our Facebook page are raising some questions.Where did the look come from and how much did it cost? 

IFPW Vice Chancellor of Advancement, Angie Fincannin, says the big number people are confused by is how much it cost to research new branding. A company named Simspon Scarbrough conducted research that lasted several months, hense the hefty price tag.  However, creating the actual logo didn't cost the university a thing; contrary to at least one figure being tossed around on Facebook.

"It was done in house, it was not hired out, it was not contracted out," Fincannin said.

As for the look, she says it's standard Purdue branding.  Still, Fincannin says she knows change can be difficult for a community that's used to IPFW being a staple for more than 50 years.

"When you begin unleashing a brand, and you change a logo, it becomes a very emotional response, because that shows people care about our university," Fincannin  said.

As for students, some like the new logo.

"The new logo? it seems cool, pretty simple, I like it," one student told us. "I think its professional and that's really all the school can ask for, i don't know what all the fuss is."

One senior at IPFW said she says the new logo is the first step in some big changes she's not necessarily looking forward to.

"I think its just hard as a current student, someone whose taken 5 years to get to graduation and trying to get the identity of the campus and once you finally identify with that, it's being taken away," the student said. "What college did I go to, who do I associate with, is my credibility gonna be different because the school so to speak doesn't exist anymore."

The new logo will not officially change until July 1st along with everything else involved with the transition.

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