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Amber Pasztor's father says Child Services failed his grandchildren and two-year-old Malakai Garrett

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Ricky Green's heart goes out to the father of Malakai Garrett, the two-year-old who was beaten to death last week. 

"I lost two kids so I know it's hard and I'm sorry that happened to them," said Green. 

Last September, Green's daughter, Amber Pasztor, kidnapped and killed her kids, 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor. 

Pastzor is now serving 130 years in prison. 
An ABC21 Digging Deeper investigation first highlighted systemic issues at the Department of Child Services over a year ago.  

A few months later... courts release thousands of documents... detailing reports of abuse against Pasztor to child services... and yet, time and again, DCS closed the cases.

In Malakai's story... Green sees haunting similarities to his own. 
He says he warned Child Services several times Pasztor was dangerous and unstable, 
but they failed to step in. 

"They're a joke. They're a joke. I think they're as much to blame as she is," said Green. 

In a tearful interview, the man whose two-year-old son was murdered last week, says he too believes the system failed his son. 

"I called and called. I called everybody I could," said Lantz Garrett. 

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