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Moving Story

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

It's a gray day in the Summit City but that doesn't curb Justin Davis and Dylan Belcher's sunny enthusiasm.

“It's been great we're having tons of fun,” says Dylan, “we wouldn't be doing it if we didn't have fun with it.”

What these young entrepreneurs are doing is birthing a new business, called 'Cartt', a local moving service that caters to folks who need something small moved very fast. Doing the kinds of jobs the big corporate movers won't.

“We connect customers to two movers who can show up on demand load the item and carry it to the customers house all within an hour,” explains Dylan.

“This is more convenient for them as well as it's more affordable,” adds Justin, “and a little easier on the check book.”

Easier on the checkbook is right. Justin and Dylan will pick up an item like this recliner, haul it to the customers destination anywhere in Allen County and unload it for just fifty bucks.

“What kind of response you guys gotten so far?' we ask. “Very positive,” answers Justin. “Customers are just blown away here we can show up within thirty minutes load their item and deliver it to their home in under an hour.”

Cartt is a web based service, customers use an online app to request a move and two to five minutes later the movers are on their way, on this day delivering the recliner to Aaron Robles and Alex Linsenmayer's apartment at Randall Lofts downtown.

“I don't have a truck,” explains Aaron Robles, “and it's in the middle of the day so we were on a timeline for when we needed it so this was a great way to kind of get it in not do a lot of work and just be here at a certain point so it was just helpful.”

Justin Davis and Dylan Belcher have found a niche in the moving business and filled it, using the internet to communicate with and schedule customers. They plan to expand outside Allen County someday but for now, they're busy enough just operating in a fast growing Fort Wayne.

“There's so much economic growth happening in downtown Fort Wayne right now,” says Dylan, “and we just want to be part of it and help the community.”

Eric Olson reporting for ABC 21.

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