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Woman reunited with dog after her truck was stolen with him still inside it

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

Imagine this: you run a quick errand, and come back out to find your truck has been stolen.
Not only that, but your dog is inside. 
But the power of social media and a small piece of technology helped save the day.
Tuesday night, Sarah Russell made a quick stop at TJ Maxx in Northcrest plaza and left her dog Bovine in her truck.
When she came out, they both were gone.
"We came out and our truck was missing with our dog in it, and it was heart wrenching. To think that somebody, the truck, that doesn't matter to me. but my fur baby is everything," she says.
Bovine wears a collar with Sarah's phone number on it, but she had taken it off to give him a full body scratch.
"I called the cops and James ran around the lot, around the back of it to see if maybe he was instantly dropped somewhere. We had friends that showed up, my sister came and looked."
After filing the police report, Sarah posted information about Bovine all over social media, including the page Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne.
"Did you sleep a wink at all? Well, when I did, I dreamt about rescuing him, like finding him places and picking him up and carrying him. So, yeah, the little sleep I got wasn't restful."
She drove around all morning looking for him until Animal Care and Control called her.
Someone who'd seen the Facebook post on Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne had found Bovine in his neighborhood and contacted an officer to pick Bovine up.
"I was just hoping that knowing that he was chipped that he would come back. And that did help."
Kim Barker runs the Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne Facebook page.
"I think it's absolutely crucial. Anybody you should microchip your cats, your dogs, every pet you have That way if they do get stolen or they come up missing. they get scanned and they can go home directly," Barker says.
Sarah filled out paperwork so Animal Care and Control could release Bovine to her, and an employee took her back to the kennels to visually identify him.
Bovine definitely was ready to go home with his mom.
Once everything was processed, it was time for Bovine to be reunited with Sarah to finally go home, and he looked for her every step of the way.
"I've had four dogs and all of them have passed. And he's my oldest and my first and my oldest and he's what I've got left," Russell says.
She credits microchipping and people who are passionate about reuniting lost dogs with their owners for the happy ending.
"He's going to sleep really good today, we're going to have some good cuddles," she says.
And to the person who found Bovine?
"Oh my God, thank you so much. Thank you. You put our family back together," she says.

Facebook's Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne is holding free event to get your pet microchipped.
It will be Sunday, from noon to four, in the Cary Pinz parking lot off Lima Road.
400 microchips will be available.

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