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Customers beg the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to say no to I&M's rate hike

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Tuesday night, dozens of folks stood in front of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to voice their concerns about I&M's proposed rate hike. 

I&M customer Kyle Miller says the company's plan to increase your electric bill by nearly 20 percent is just the utility company trying to shake down its customers. 

A shakedown that would especially hurt folks on a fixed income. 

Miller says the price jump isn't justified because I&M has made bad investments. 

"They just installed meters 5 years ago or so and now they want to install smart meters. Which is great, it's fantastic, it's new technology, but they want us to pay off the investment they made in the old meters," said Miller. 

Ahnee Conner is a senior citizen who lives on a fixed income. 

She hopes the IURC listens carefully to people's concerns because in the end, folks here have no other option. 

"I&M is a monopoly. We don't have a choice. We can't say well I'll shop somewhere else," said Conner. 

I&M officials were at Tuesday's meeting, but only to listen. 
Company President Toby Thomas says he knows they're asking a lot from customers, but says the money will be used to update equipment and transition to renewable energy. 

"We're dealing with aging infrastructure just like you see on roads and bridges and basically we're making those investments to continue to provide that safe and reliable service," said Thomas. 

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