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Honeymoon from Hell: Decatur newlyweds glad to be back after spending week evacuating out of Irma's path

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As Hoosier volunteers head south to help, tonight a newlywed couple is relieved just to be back home in Decatur.

When newlyweds say they're glad their honeymoon is over - that's usually not a good sign - but after you see what Hurricane Irma put them through, you'll probably see things their way too. 

After five years of dating, Lydia took Aaron Voirol's last name in Indianapolis.

"So we eloped," said Lydia. "We kinda went all out and eloped. But it was perfect."

The next day, they arrived in Key West to kick off their honeymoon. But already, trouble was brewing in paradise.

"Come Tuesday," said Aaron. "We had a note slipped under our hotel door saying we had to be out by Wednesday."

The lovebirds drove back into Miami, but getting out proved to be the real problem.

"It felt like we didn't have options," said Lydia. "We felt rejected. No hotels. No airlines. No car. No way out."

Finally on Friday, they got a rental car and hit the road... along with millions of others urged to evacuate.

"The traffic was like I'd never before seen in my life," said Aaron. "We moved 120 miles in the course of five hours at one point, and I was starting to debate if are we even going to get to a safe destination before this thing rolls in."

After 18 hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic, and with hotels along the highway booked up, the Voirols spent the night inside their car at a rest stop.

"You know there were definitely times I wanted to break down," said an emotional Lydia. "But we kept going. And we kept saying we just got married. We're in this together, just like we're in the rest of our lives together."
They drove a total of 34 hours - most of it, counting their blessings.

"That's something we kept telling ourselves the whole time," said Lydia. "We have a home to come home to and a lot of people didn't."

Though the newlyweds admit Hurricane Irma tested their vows - particularly the ones about being patient and kind - a lot earlier than they anticipated.

"I've been telling people that we went to marriage bootcamp," joked Lydia.

"After a 34-hour car ride together," said Aaron. "I think that's the equivalent of about 20 years of marriage." 

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