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Democrat congressional candidate picks up key endorsements

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

New endorsements were secured Tuesday for a Democrat trying to pull-off a major upset in next year's race for northeast Indiana's seat in Congress.

It's an uphill battle that could get help from turmoil happening in the Republican Party nationally. 

Courtney Tritch had already entered the race for Indiana's 3rd district seat in Congress.

This day, she hoped to boost her election bid through endorsements from Fort Wayne's Democrat mayor, a former mayor, state lawmaker and city and county council members pulling for Tritch to knock off incumbent Republican Jim Banks 14 months down the road.

"They see my dedication to this area and they know that I want to make decisions that are best across the aisle that are best for the economic health of our community and that's why I'm running for federal office," Tritch said.

Conventional wisdom might tell you that Republican congressman Jim Banks would have this seat locked down when voters go to the polls next November. But the next election could be very unconventional.
The first 9 months of President Donald Trump's administration have been chaotic, with key GOP leaders on Capitol Hill taking turns banging heads with the new commander-in-chief.

"These are unusual times in American history, Donald Trump acts in manners none of us have ever seen before, will it have an impact on 2018 election, we want to make sure we have a very good solid candidate people can choose with confidence," said former Fort Wayne Mayor Win Moses.

"I've been noticing moderate Republicans in Congress not running, somebody just announced yesterday they aren't going to run, sometimes that's a sign that maybe it's a good time to get out because if I'm going to run I might get beat," said State Rep. Phil Giaquinta from Fort Wayne.
Political professor Dr. Michael Wolf says off year elections tend to be tough for the party controlling the White House, but Mike Wolf thinks Banks, a rookie in a very conservative district, would be a very tough out.

"There's a lot of first time winners that lost their second time out, but he has some particular partisan advantages in this district that probably will make that avoidable for him," Wolf said.

Mayor Henry believes Banks will be very hesitant to distance himself from the president, which could spell trouble if the Trump administration falls on really hard times in the lead-up to ballots being cast. 

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