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IPFW political science professor reacts to reports on North Korea: 'this is a real threat'

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ABC 21) -- Reports coming out Tuesday that North Korea has taken a step forward with their nuclear warfare program has some folks in Fort Wayne feeling ab it concerned.

"It's probably not a good thing," said resident Ryan Bishop.

"This is a real threat. This is real danger," said Associate Professor of Political Science at IPFW, James Toole.

Toole says North Korea is one of the most secretive countries on Earth and there isn't a lot of information about what's actually happening there.

He added that the thought was that they were years away from becoming a nuclear powerhouse.

He says reports that they are more advanced than we thought they'd be at this point are concerning.

"I mean the consequences of even a small nuclear conflict with any country in the world, but certainly North Korea, would be simply catastrophic," said Toole.

He says the increased up rhetoric between the two country's leaders is also a bad sign.

Bishop agrees.

"I think the threats back and forth--violence creates violence," said Bishop.

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