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Scare Story

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA 21) -

It’s thrilled grownups and terrified kids for fifty years, a classic horror film made on a shoestring. ‘Night of the Living Dead’ is still spoken of with reverence among critics, and still inspiring new generations of movie makers.

“Then you stop there you can tilt up on his face,” says film director Eric Pennycoff. “I want to see when he lands there. Action!”

In a rural home just outside roanoke a new psycho thriller is taking shape.

Film director, screenwriter and Fort Wayne native Eric Pennycoff has brought his crew from Los Angeles to 21 Country to produce his latest celluloid effort, ‘Sadistic Intent’, about a couple of heavy metal rock musicians whose plans for a next album descend into bloody horror.

“I think this movie is definitely more than just a straightforward blood and guts slasher movie,” Pennycoff says. “I think there’s a lot of character and a lot of improved development along the way which is totally due to the amazing actors that I have.”

Pennycoff has come home to Fort Wayne to give his film some local, hometown flavor  though most of his success in horror films has evolved in Tinsletown. ‘M is for Mariachi’ was an early Pennycoff success.

“Horror in particular is a huge interest of mine,” says Pennycoff, “just growing up with Halloween being my favorite holiday getting married to my wife on Halloween. It’s just been part of my life as long as I can remember.”

Though most of his work has been horror films Pennycoff says he loves all kinds of movies, and plans to branch out from blood and guts flicks…like other directors who’ve taken the same path.

“I think the strangest one would be Bob Clark,” says Pennycoff, ‘starting off making Black Christmas, Death Dream and Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things to going to making ‘A Christmas Story and making Porky’s. The career has no bounds they’re not restricting themselves. I certainly don’t feel the need to restrict myself. Just working at the end of the day also jobs, work of any kind is hard to come by so if you’re able to work on anything and if you love it that’s the icing on the cake.

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