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Phone scam using Fort Wayne business in caller ID

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A Fort Wayne business's name is being used in connection with a phone scam that was more than half of scam reports in February.

The Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana said a recent report from a consumer says the phone scam where the caller attempts to get a "yes" response is going around. This call used the Caller ID of "Parkview Health." The number, however, was non-working.

During the call, the BBB reports questions were asked in an attempt to provoke the consumer to say "yes," with the end goal being of simply getting a recording.  From there it is thought that the caller uses the recording as proof that their victim agreed to make purchases. 

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While the BBB does not have any confirmed reports of this happening, it is warning people to take additional precautions by watching those billing statements for any suspicious charges and reporting them immediately.

Another version of the call is the "can you hear me" scam. The FCC says if you encounter either type of call hang up immediately. If you already responded to this type of call, review all of your statements such as those from your bank, credit card lender or telephone company for unauthorized charges. If you notice any unauthorized charges on these or other types of statements you have likely been a victim of "cramming".

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If you have fallen victim to this, or any other scam phone calls, and you feel your personal identity or sensitive information has been compromised, you can also fill out an Identity Theft Complaint Form. For more information, visit the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

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