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Co-workers are shocked and saddened by the death of Erik Mollberg

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ABC 21) -- The man killed in an early morning crash at the Intersection of Leesburg Road and Rapp Road was 57-year-old Erik Mollberg.

Mollberg was the station manager of WELT 95.7 and a well-know name in the Fort Wayne community.

"To say it was a total shock would be an understatement," said Radio DJ at 95.7, Rich Bunatta.

Bunatta says the entire staff was rocked by the news.

"It's very difficult because I know he's touched the hearts and souls of every person here. Without him, none of us would be who we are right now," said Radio DJ at 95.7, Doc Shadowbear.

They both say Mollberg was a great man.

"He was genuinely your classic good guy," said Bunatta.

"The man, I never saw him frown, never saw him unhappy. He was always positive and always up," said Shadowbear.

They say it will be tough to move on at WELT without him.

"Without Erik, we're going to have to regroup and figure out what direction we want to go, but I know the he will, foremost, be in the lead of all of it for us," said Shadowbear.

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