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Catch the Big Summer Flicks in Angola

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The Brokaw Movie House is no ordinary theatre. Indoors and out, it has undergone restoration to bring it back to the art deco style of the year it opened: 1931. It's not just the look that separates this from an everyday cinema. The concessions are far more varied, ranging from pizza and breadsticks to beer and wine . . . and the staff will go the extra mile to get it to you.

"If it takes a bit of time for the food to be prepared, we will deliver it to the customer in the theatre, even after the movie has started as well," says David Benson, general manager.

Benson says the Brokaw experience is tailored to make the customer's visit as comfortable as possible. Both screens provide sofas in the back and tables for your food. All you have to do is grab that popcorn and take in the sights and sounds.

"Just kinda kick back, relax and enjoy a movie. You'd have all the comforts of home without any of the cleanup."

With the summer blockbusters rolling out, the Brokaw Movie House is the perfect place to get your fix of the silver screen. And after your first visit, you'll probably be back.

"The most memorable part, I would say," says Benson, "is just the good feeling that people come away with after they've been here."

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