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Flooding clean up continues in West Lakes

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Rome City, Ind. (WPTA) -

Just weeks ago much of the West Lakes area of Rome City found itself underwater, and many residents forced to evacuate their homes.

Although the water levels are receding, one West Lakes resident claims the work is far from over.

“Some of us were able to get back into our homes, not others. So, putting things back together one day at a time.” said Terry Davis of West Lakes.

Terry and his wife were finally able to get back into their home this past Saturday after being evacuated when the sewer system was shut down during the flooding.

Now that he’s back, the clean up can begin.

“We see the things we’ve lost the work ahead of you, we weren’t counting on doing at this time in our life." said Davis, "We wanted to remodel, but not today.”

Instead Terry cleans, and tries to get life back to normal.

Though it won’t be easy organizations like the Red Cross and volunteers like Jesse McDaniel and his wife from Indianapolis are trying to help in any way they can, even offering something as simple as a bite to eat.

“In some cases they’re really working very hard to remove, wet carpet, wet padding and even floor boards, and trying to clean out their homes. So, being able to grab just a quick bite and go back to work has really been helpful to them I believe.”

Work on days that have been hot and long.

Despite the water receding considerably, West Lakes resident Gordon Anthony, claims why lies ahead may be worse.

"It’s the work part, and it’s the drudgery of getting into moldy smelly rooms that are damp and dank and you’ve got to clean those up and get rid of your furniture, whatever you didn’t get raised up.”

An added struggle? The return of mosquitoes, made worse by the extra standing water in the area.

For residents like Gordon though they are staying positive and now looking for a solution to hopefully avoid a similar fate in the future.

“We as a lake association, we’re going to be back working with the county and the state trying to get a little more effort being done on cleaning the Elkhart River out. We feel that’s the first thing that needs to be done.”

If you'd like to help you can donate to the Red Cross on the link attached to this story.

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