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Former Grace College employee speaks out after being fired due to Facebook post

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Winona Lake, Ind. (WPTA) -

Evan Kilgore attended Grace College for four years, and upon graduation last year he took a job as a special projects coordinator for the college. 

That all came to an abrupt end last Thursday when he found out he'd been fired.

All because of a picture posted to Facebook, taken during a staff approved theme day at the college.

"It was our first theme Friday of the year," said Kilgore, "and we decided to do rap day. We had lettuce wraps for lunch, dressed as rappers, played rap music and took pictures during lunch."

One of those photos, a parody rap album reading N.G.A. or "Not Grace Appropriate", was posted online the next day and started to draw some negative attention, people claiming it was racially insensitive.

So, Evan said the tried to do the right thing.

"Right after we saw that criticism we decided to take that post down."

But, it was too late.

An alumnus had taken a screenshot and shared it, and two days later Evan was informed he'd been terminated.

However, not everyone in the picture was.

"It's hard to understand why two were kept and three were let go." said Kilgore, "I guess I don't really understand the justification for that. If we were all in the photo was wasn't everyone let go for participating in this racially insensitive act."

A question never answered by Grace College administration.

Although the post to Facebook for Evan was meant to be a lighthearted joke, administration here at Grace College found it to be no laughing matter.

Stating the following:

"It is important the public know Grace College is committed deeply to to diversity and inclusiveness and conduct that demonstrates insensitivity to those values will not be tolerated."

A statement Evan agrees with, even suggesting the staff take insensitivity and social media training, but instead, he says he was made an examples of.

"They wanted to appease those who wanted some sort of justice for the post itself and let them know that they were serious."

Costing him a job he truly loved, but Evan isn't giving up.

"I definitely think that the Lord has a plan no matter what. I might not be able to understand what that plan is at the moment but I trust that it's going to be good and good opportunities will come from what seems like a bad situation."

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