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There’s something special being cooked up in Wayne Shive’s Fort Wayne kitchen..

“You have to be a little creative,” he says adding ingredients into a saucepan. “Some of my hot sauces for example we’ve got cocoa in there and coconut water and things that people don’t normally put in hot sauces, so I like to experiment.”

Wayne is used to a little risk taking. During his career he built more than twenty businesses from scratch, mainly in healthcare. Launched them successfully then sold them and moved on to the next challenge. Until he retired.

“I didn’t like it very much,” he says. “I found out that I still had a little more energy than I could work off in the house.”

So Wayne tweaked some of his favorite recipes at home and launched Best Boy and Company, maker of high end, 100% natural ingredient desert toppings, savory barbeque and hot sauces, mustards and spice blends. His original Dark Hot Fudge Sauce came first.

“Schmucker’s, Hershey’s, Sander’s, these kinds of brands, if you look at the label first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup,” he says. “They’re just not any good. They’re cheap but they aren’t any good.”

The barbeque sauces came next, then the mustards, then the hot sauces, all Wayne’s own recipes. He fine tunes the taste then hires a specialty company to custom produce, bottle and distribute them. Best Boy sauces are sold at Kroger, Earth Fare, Fresh Thyme and dozens of specialty grocery stores from Illinois to New York and every dime of the profits from all sales goes to charities that help families and kids like Doctors Without Borders, SCAN, Erin’s House and Turnstone.

“The kids and families may not necessarily know where the items that they’re getting from the charity originated from, but I know,” he says. “So I feel good.”

Wayne says Best Boy is ready to go national so he’d like to find someone to take over the business and continue growing it, leaving this big hearted entrepreneur free to move on to cook up the next chapter of his very creative life. Eric Olson reporting for ABC 21.

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