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City Council approves Red River Waste Solutions as new garbage and recycling collectors

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Starting January 1, 2018, Fort Wayne will have a new garbage and recycling collector and it will cost residents more money.

Right now, single family homes pay $9.95 per month. That will go up to $12 a month once the new contract with Red River begins.

Anything with two to four units will pay $24 per month.

Red River Waste Solutions won contract bids for both garbage collection and recycle collection; However,the former trash collector, Republic Services, is still under contract for recycle processing and landfill disposal.

"We're truly excited. It's an opportunity to come to this community and do what we've been doing for over 60 years," said Red River's Vice President of Business Development, David Cooper.

Representatives from the city's utilities department say this is the first increase in 11 years and there will be no changes to existing services.

Additionally, there won't be any changes in existing services.

"You know, our goal is to keep it the exact same, a mirror image of the service today because that's what you don't like to do-come into a community and change people's garbage days. People like to have their garbage days as they've always been," said Cooper.

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