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Those for and against SB 309 await Governor Holcomb's decision

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Senate Bill 309 is sitting on Governor Eric Holcomb's desk waiting for him to pass or veto the bill.

Folks who go green can currently sell excess energy back to utility companies at market value. SB 309 reduces that to wholesale rate.

Anyone who already uses solar energy will be grandfathered in for the next 30 years. Anyone who goes green in the next five years is grandfathered in for the next 15.

That has left people like Pastor Brian Flory from the Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren feeling like the bill discourages using solar energy for future generations.

"They deserve to have the choice to make their own energy solutions just like we did,” said Pastor Flory.

The author of the bill, State Senator Brandt Hershman, says special interest groups are against the bill because they don't look at the facts. He says it's a good bill that won't hurt consumers or utility companies.

He also says independent researchers from MIT say that this bill is in the best interest of future solar use.

“I absolutely believe that over the long run it will encourage the development of solar in Indiana, not discourage it and that’s why I think the interest groups who have been opposed to this are simply just wrong,” said Senator Hershman.

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