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IPFW Name Change Voting Begins, Students Have Mixed Reactions

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A realignment plan for IPFW will mean splitting the university into two separate institutions.  With that comes a name change.  The university is asking students, faculty and others to vote on possible names for the Purdue institution. 

The two names suggested right now for the Purdue institution are Purdue University Fort Wayne or Purdue University Northeast.  There's also a box for alternative names on the voting ballot.  The Purdue University Board of Trustees will ultimately make a decision on the name. 

Students we spoke to on campus seem to have mixed reactions the names and the overall split.

"I picked Purdue Northeast because i think it should be consistent with Purdue Northwest."

"I thought that we were going to have more choices but we only have two so I don't care."

"Purdue Fort Wayne, that one, that's the one I decided because I don't really like the PNE acronym, that's just not going to look good."

"I haven't voted yet, I really don't want to, I think the name change is kind of silly  I like it how it is but I understand with the splitting of the school that we need a name change so if I had to vote I would pick the Purdue University Fort Wayne because it sounds a lot better than Northeast or whatever it was."

An email was sent out Wednesday asking for input from students, graduates, faculty, staff, donors and community members.  Voting closes on Thursday February 23 at Noon. 

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