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Doctors show you how to do the 'penguin march' on black ice as local ER's see dozens of slip and falls

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MADISON (WKOW) --- Wednesday night's sleet and freezing rain created some treacherous travel conditions. 

That's why SSM Health's ER Dr. Ben Hecht says it's important to practice the "penguin march."

"Short steps, try  not to lift your feet up when walking, short choppy steps," Dr. Hecht said after seeing too many fractures this week.

"With the weather and the wind, I saw quite a few patients with motor vehicle accidents, as well as patients that slipped and feel," he said.  "I saw a good amount of pelvic fractures, hip fractures, rib fractures," Dr. Hecht added.

Falling can happen to anyone, even Mercyhealth's EMS Director Dr Jay MacNeal.

"I myself was caught by a female Janesville firefighter when I slid on the ice," Dr. MacNeal said.  "I was walking up a driveway to a rescue call I was on, so I was almost a victim of it myself," he added.

He says walking correctly over ice is critical.

"Staying flat-footed is the best approach, hold onto sturdy objects to support yourself," Dr. MacNeal said after his close call.

Dr. Hecht agrees that's important, and urges you to do it slowly.

"Not to rush, because we really are seeing a lot of fractures, especially hip fractures, things like that can lead to problems down the line, rib fractures can put you at higher risk for pneumonia and other spleen injuries," Dr. Hecht said.

Doctors at St. Mary's, Mercyhealth and Meriter all say they are fully staffed for Wednesday night.

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