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WINTER WEATHER PREPAREDNESS: watch out for lingering dangers after the storm


After the snow and ice melt the dangers are not necessarily over. By taking some precaution you can make sure you stay safe after the storm.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says melting snow can cause floods while partially cleared roads may be icy or blocked. There is a risk for flooding as rivers often overflow from the rush of melting snow and ice. Power may be out in some areas if heavy snow knocked down power lines. This is why the NWS says people should stay informed after the storm.

Make sure to stay tuned to ABC21 or other local news for updated information on road conditions. You can also find up to date road conditions online here. Also be on the lookout to make sure your water is safe to drink, cook or clean with. In some areas there may be water main breaks causing boil orders to be put in effect.

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If you are traveling after the storm, the NWS says to make sure your exhaust pipe is clear and brush the snow off your vehicle so it won't fall on your windshield while driving. Make sure you plan ahead and leave extra time for blocked, closed or icy roads. the Indiana Department of Transportation says when driving in winter weather be on the lookout for black ice. Roads that seem dry may actually be slippery.

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Another risk you may face after the storm is winter flooding. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says every region in the United States is at risk for winter flooding. Winter flooding risks could come from Snowmelt, Ice Jams or Coastal Flooding. FEMA said it is important to be prepared ahead of time so they will not be caught unprepared. Before the threat of flooding becomes imminent, people and businesses should purchase a flood insurance policy, become familiar with it, make an emergency plan and itemize and take pictures of their possessions.

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