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WINTER WEATHER PREPAREDNESS: Take preventative measures to avoid winter dangers


While the weather outlook for Indiana this winter does not favor greater or lower than normal temperatures, it does favor more precipitation than normal. People should still expect mild and cold periods.

Typical conditions in Indiana in mid-winter carries high temperatures average between 25 and 35 degrees while lows average between 15 and 25. The record temperatures in Indiana are below zero. Normally, snowfall ranges from 15 inches in the south to over 30 inches in the north while locations near Lake Michigan often see more than 60 inches of snow.

In addition to cold temperatures being the norm, the National Weather Service said wind chill is almost always present and can be dangerous. Wind chill is the temperature it feels like outside due to the wind carrying heat away from your body. Air temperatures near zero and winds to 20 mph create wind chills to 20 below zero leading to frostbite in 30 minutes.

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Health and safety concerns become apparent when there are extremely cold conditions that include frostbite and hypothermia. Carbon monoxide poisoning and fires are often caused by alternate heating sources. Taking preventive action is your best defense. Frostbite occurs when skin freezes resulting in numbness and a pale white appearance to the affected area.

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Slowly re-warm the affected skin. Hypothermia is identified by uncontrollable shivering, slurred speech, drowsiness or disorientation. If medical care is not available warm the person with a blanket and warm liquids. Do not try to warm the arms or legs first as it drives cold blood to the heart and may lead to heart failure.

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