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News Minute: Here is the latest Indiana news from The Associated Press at 8:40 a.m. EDT

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) - Police in an Indiana city say they've seen a rash of drug overdose cases preliminarily linked to heroin and a synthetic cannabinoid. The Bloomington Police Department said it's seen at least 10 overdoses at locations in the city within a 24-hour period Wednesday and Thursday. Investigators are working to identify the source of the drugs.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana Health Commissioner Jerome Adams says needle exchange programs have saved lives and money as public health officials try to combat the state's opioid crisis. Eight Indiana counties currently have exchanges in place that allow drug users to swap dirty needles for clean ones. Adams said Thursday that the exchanges "aren't pretty." But he adds that they prevent the spread of HIV and other serious diseases that drug abusers can spread by sharing needles.

MASON, Mich. (AP) - A judge will hear more testimony before deciding whether to send a Michigan sports doctor to trial on sexual assault charges. The third day of a crucial hearing for Larry Nassar is scheduled for Friday at a court near Lansing, Michigan. He's charged with using his hands to molest seven young gymnasts who saw him for back, foot and hip injuries. Judge Donald Allen Jr. has so far heard from six of the alleged victims. Nassar was a longtime doctor at Michigan State University.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) - Officials are still trying to line up $12 million more toward a planned renovation of Indiana State University's arena and construction of an adjoining new Terre Haute convention center. Plans have called for spending $75 million on the Hulman Center project. The state Legislature has appropriated $37.5 million for it, but local officials have so far only dedicated about $26 million.

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